22 Long Rifle Ammunition

22 Long Rifle firearms are more popular now than ever before.  The quiet report and low recoil make them an excellent choice for introducing new shooters.   These properties are also a benefit during extended shooting sessions.  You can learn a lot about your sight picture, trigger control, and follow through with a 22.  What you learn during these sessions will carry over to your big bore shooting skills. 


Your 22 LR practice can be even more meaningful if your 22 is similar in size and function to your service firearms.  Smith and Wesson and Taurus both offer double action revolvers similar in size and weight to their 38 special and 357 magnum revolvers.  Walther offers the excellent P22, a scaled version of their P99.  ISSC has the M22 targeted for the Glock 17 shooter.  Chiappa offers the 1911-22 for the 1911 fan.  Sig Sauer has the Mosquito.  Smith & Wesson offers a quality M&P15-22 with reliable performance for the AR-15 rifleman. The availability of 22 LR conversion kits for service pistols and rifles gives you the option of affordable, quality practice using your actual service firearm.  Your investment in 22 Long Rifle firearms will pay back quickly In today's market of skyrocketing ammunition costs.


The function of semi -auto pistols and rifles can be drastically affected by your ammunition choice.  I have one semi-auto rifle that will cease functioning after firing only 10 rounds of one particularly dirty burning ammunition.  Our favorite 22 LR ammunition for semi-autos  is CCI Blazer, Winchester WildCat, and Federal American Eagle.   These three offer a great value in clean burning, high velocity, 22 LR ammunition to ensure an affordable and production session at the range or field.  Pick up a variety today and find out which shoots best in your particular firearm.


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