Blackpowder Sights

AimRight Fiber Optic Repair Kit

Fiber optic repair kit for sights. Contains 4 green and 4 red fibers. Fibers are 0.040" diameter and 0.850 inches long. Great to have in your possible bag for emergency field repairs.

Order Code Description Price
ML442AimRight Fiber Optic Repair Kit$6.99

RMC Fiber Optic Shotgun Front Sight

Improve your low light shooting, get greater visualization of correct lead, experience less tendency to stop or slow swing. Front sight features all metal construction, 1/8 inch diameter green fiber optic. Easy installation. Designed for shotguns with ventilated ribs. All tools provided for installation.

Order Code Description Price
ML777Front Shotgun Sight for Narrow Rib (7/32 to 5/16)$18.99
ML778Front Shotgun Sight for Wide Rib (5/26 to 7/16)$18.99


Rightnour Mfg. Co. has introduced their all metal fiber optic sights for muzzleloader rifles. Bases are machined from aluminum and provide a durable sight for muzzleloaders. Rear sight has full windage and elevation adjustment. Provided with contrasting green and red TruGlo fiber optics for easier and brighter sighting of your blackpowder rifle. Designed to fit most popular muzzleloaders, with specific sets designed for each muzzleloader model, to assure a quality fit on your gun. Everything provided for easy installation. Available as a complete set - front and rear.

Order Code Description Price
ML449-7Fiber Optic Sights Traditions Deerhunter Octagon$59.99
ML449-3Fiber Optic Sights TC Hawken, PA Hunter Octagon, TC Models w/15/16 octagon $59.99
ML449-9Fiber Optic Sights Lyman Octagon$59.99
ML449-10Fiber Optic Sights CVA Octagon$59.99
ML448-7Fiber Optic Sights Knight USA American Knight$59.99
ML448-9Fiber Optic Sights Remington Model 700ML$59.99
ML449-16Fiber Optic Sights Thompson Center 1 inch Octagon Barrels $59.99
ML809Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight 5/16 rib, Benelli, Beretta Field Models, Browning except wide rib, Ithaca, Remington, Ruger Red Label$59.99
ML808Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight 7/16 rib, Browining-Citori, Mossberg, Winchester all post 1964 pumps/autos$59.99
ML448-10Fiber Optic Sights CVA Inline$59.99
ML449-24Fiber Optic Sights PA Pellet Rifle octagon$59.99

Fiber Optic Front Sights

Fiber Optic Fiber Muzzleloader replacement front sights. Available for most popular muzzleloaders. Provides a bright sight for those low light conditions. Front sights available in 3/8" and red or green fiber optic

Order Code Description Price
ML419-5Fiber Optic Front sight 3/8 Traditions Deerhunter, Hawken,Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Shenandoah, Tennessee$25.99
ML421-3Fiber Optic Front sight 3/8 Traditions Buckskinner$25.99
ML419-3Fiber Optic Front sight 3/8 TC Hawken, PA Hunter octagon, Models w/octagon$25.99
ML419-8Fiber Optic Front sight 3/8 Lyman Octagon$25.99
ML419-10Fiber Optic Front sight 3/8 CVA Octagon$25.99
ML419-16Fiber Optic Front sight 3/8 TC 1 inch octagon barrels$25.99
ML421-5Fiber Optic Front Sight 3/8 Traditions Lightning Bolt, Buckhunter, Thunder Magnum$25.99
ML421-9Fiber Optic Front Sight 3/8 Remington 700ML$25.99
ML421-11Fiber Optic Front Sight 3/8 CVA In-line$25.99
ML419-25Fiber Optic Front Sight 3/8 PA Pellet Rifle$25.99

V-PEEP Fiber Optic Sights

New fiber optic muzzleloader sights from RMC. Front fiber optic sight with a rear "V-PEEP" sight. Great for people with eye focus problems with regular fiber optic rear sights.

Order Code Description Price
ML230-3V-Peep Fiber Optic sights for TC Hawken, PA Hunter octagon, & TC Models w/15/16 octagon barrels$59.99
ML230-16V-Peep Fiber Optic sights for TC 1 inch Octagon barrels$59.99
ML230-7V-Peep Fiber Optic sights for Traditions Deerhunter 50 cal$59.99
ML230-9V-Peep Fiber Optic sights for Lyman Deerstalker, Great Plains, & Trade Rifle$59.99
ML230-10V-Peep Fiber Optic sights for CVA Octagon$59.99
ML230-24V-Peep Fiber Optic sights PA Pellet Rifle$59.99

RMC V-Peep Sight

New replacement V-Peep blade for RMC Aimright sights provides a precise window for sighting. Allows clear view of front fiber optic sight. Great for those with “farsighted” vision. Eliminates “blur” that occurs with fiber optic rear sights.

Order Code Description Price
ML4443/32 inch Aperture$14.99

Lyman 57SML and 57GPR Receiver Sights

The most popular black powder receiver sight offers an immediate improvement in accuracy for the target shooter or hunter. Features 1/4 minute micrometer click adjustments for elevation and windage, quick release slide. 57SML fits perfectly on Lyman Deerstalker or Trade Rifle. Other models may require minor drilling and tapping depending on manufacturer. 57GPR fits Great Plains with supplied adapter.

Order Code Description Price
309011257 GPR for Great Plains$124.99
309011457 for TC Hawken, Lyman Trade rifles$124.99

Williams WGRS Peep sights for CVA and other 15/16 Octagon Barrels

Williams WGRS Peep Sight for CVA, Tradtions and other 15/16 inch octagon barrels. This peep sight mounts on the barrel. For use on muzzleloaders with tangs that are too short for installing a tang mounted peep sight. Requires drilling and tapping barrel for installation. Can be installed at the breech end of the barrel above the flash hole for best barrel mounted sight picture.

Order Code Description Price
wgrscvaWilliams WGRS peep 15/16" octagon$49.99