Blackpowder Repair Parts

Lyman Lock Repair Parts

Complete replacement parts for Lyman locks. Both external and internal components.

Order Code Description Price
6011127ID 51A - Sear Screw$4.99
6030186ID 46 - HAMMER right Hand$29.99
6030152ID 47 - HAMMER SCREW$5.99
6030181ID 48 - LOCK PLATE Right Hand$74.99
6030153ID 49 - BRIDLE$11.99
6030151ID 50 - BRIDLE SCREW$4.99
6030159ID 51 - SEAR Right Hand$20.99
6030160SID 52 - SEAR SPRING$4.99
6030160PID 52P - SEAR PLUNGER$4.99
6030158ID 53 - FLY$9.99
6030157ID 54 - TUMBLER Right Hand$34.99
6030156ID 55 - MAIN SPRING GUIDE$20.99
6030155ID 56 - MAIN SPRING$16.99
6030185ID 57 - FRIZZEN SCREW$7.99
6030182ID 58 - FRIZZEN$39.99
6030187ID 59 - TOP JAW$13.99
6030188ID 60 - JAW SCREW$7.99
6030183ID 61 - FRIZZEN SPRING Right Hand$19.99
6993102ID 9A - Ramrod Retaining Spring$4.99
6030263ID 9R - Rear Rib Screw$4.99
6030134ID 9F - Front Rib Screw$4.99
6030183LEFTID 61 - FRIZZEN SPRING Left Hand$24.99
6030186LEFTID 46 - HAMMER Left Hand$39.99
6030159LEFTID 51 - SEAR Left Hand$29.99
6030157LEFTID 54 - TUMBLER Left Hand$44.99

Barrel Wedge Pins

Formed from solid bar stock 1 1/2" long by 3/8" wide, slightly tapered. Available in solid brass or black oxide steel. Fit T/C Hawken and similar rifles.

Order Code Description Price
ML035Wedge pin black oxide steel$9.99
ML036Wedge pin solid brass$9.99

Traditions Wedge Pins

Replacement for that easy-to-lose part in color case hardened steel. Fits most Traditions (and similar-sized) rifle barrel tenons.

Product Code: A1253

Order Code Description Price
TRADPAPinTraditions PA Pellet Wedge Pin$9.99
TRAA1253Traditions case colored wedge pin all except crocket and PA Pellet$9.99
TRACrckWdgTraditions Crocket wedge pin$7.99

Lyman Wedge Pins

Factory lyman Wedge Pins for the perfect fit.

Order Code Description Price
LymanBrassLyman Trade Rifle Brass Wedge Pin$14.99
LYMGPfrntLyman Great Plains Front Wedge Pin$14.99
LYMGPrearLyman Great Plains Rear Wedge Pin$14.99
LymDSLyman DeerStalker Wedge Pin$14.99

Thompson Center Wedge Pins

Factory Thompson Center Wedge Pins for that perfect fit.

Order Code Description Price
TCA7013Blue Wedge Pin for Renegade, PA Hunter, White Mountain Carbine$14.99
TCA7011Brass Wedge Pin for TC Hawkens$18.99

Thompson Center Replacement Lock Parts

Thompson Center has discontinued all Flintlock and Sidelock Percussion muzzleloaders. You may obtain warranty repairs by contacting Thompson Center directly.
We have a limited number of Thompson Center repair parts at our retail store. At this time, we are reserving those parts for our retail store gun repair customers. Please call our retail store for the latest parts availability.
Some Lyman parts can be fitted to work on the Thompson Center Lock. We can provide fitting for Lyman repair parts at our retail store.

Order Code Description Price
ML701Lyman frizzen ground to fit TC Flintlocks$39.99

Traditions Lock Tuning Kit

From Traditions, a tuning kit with internal lock parts for a single and/or double set trigger, percussion and flintlock guns. This kit has everything necessary to keep a lock in top condition. Great for in-the-field repairs.

Order Code Description Price
ML611Traditions Lock Tuning Kit$99.99

Traditions Frizzen Tuning Kit

External lock parts needed to keep your flintlock sparking. With older style, narrow hammer and narrow top jaw.

Order Code Description Price
ML612Traditions Frizzen Tuning Kit$109.99

Traditions Complete Flintlock Lock Assembly

Complete original Traditions flintlock assembly, ready to drop into your Tradtions flintlock rifle. Available for Deerhunter and Buckskinner Flintlocks.

Order Code Description Price
TradLHdlxlockTraditions Left Hand Deluxe Lock$209.99
traddeerhunterFLTraditions Righ Hand Deerhunter Flint Lock$199.99

Traditions Frizzen

Replacement frizzen for Tradition flintlock rifles.

Order Code Description Price
ML609Traditions Frizzen right hand$29.99
MLDX609Deluxe Traditions Frizzen. Fits PA Pellet and Deluxe Locks$34.99

Traditions Lock Parts

Individual repair parts for Traditions Locks

Order Code Description Price
TRA59ADeerhunter Top Jaw New Wider Style Smooth Top$12.99
TRA51ASear Screw Traditions$6.99
TRA46DeerHunterDeerhunter flintlock hammer right hand$24.99
TRA46PAPelletPA Pellet Flintlock hammer right hand$24.99
TRA46PAPelletLeftPA Pellet Flintlock hammer left hand$29.99
TRA46HawkenHawken Flintlock hammer right hand$29.99
TRA47Hammer Screw$7.99
TRA50Bridle Screw$6.99
TRA51Sear right hand$19.99
TRA51LHSear left hand$24.99
TRA52Sear Spring right hand$7.99
TRA52LHSear Spring left hand$14.99
TRA53Fly right hand$10.99
TRA54Tumbler right hand$29.99
TRA54LHTumbler left hand$34.99
TRA54ATumber sear adjustment screw$7.99
TRA54BTumbler sear adjustment screw spring$6.99
TRA51ASear Screw$7.99
TRA57Frizzen Screw$9.99
TRA59Deerhunter Top Jaw Older Narrow Style$12.99
TRA59HawkenHawken Top Jaw engraved$16.99
TRA59PAPelletPA Pellet Top Jaw$16.99
TRA60Jaw Screw$9.99
TRA61Frizzen Spring Deerhunter Right Hand$19.99
TRA61LHFrizzen Spring Deerhunter Left Hand$24.99
TRA61PaPelletFrizzen Spring PA Pellet Right Hand$24.99
TRA61PALHFrizzen Spring PA Pellet Left Hand$29.99
TRA61AFrizzen Spring Screw Deerhunter$6.99
TRA61APAFrizzen Spring Screw PA Pellet$8.99
TRA62Complete single trigger assembly Deerhunter$49.99
TRA9ARamrod retaining spring$9.99

Replacement Mainspring

Replacement mainspring for flintlock and sidelock muzzleloaders. Replaces the mainspring in Traditions current production muzzleloaders.

Order Code Description Price
A1720Replacement Mainspring Right Hand$14.99
A1720LHReplacement Mainspring Left Hand$17.99